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Custom Leadership Curriculum is a training and development curriculum specifically designed to address the needs of tech companies where individual contributors are often promoted to management positions based on their technical abilities and may not have formal leadership training. The focus of the series is to help leaders and potential leaders develop skills in an environment that is fast-paced, rapidly changing and results focused.

The training and development program is rooted in the principles of microlearning; short, action-oriented in-person learning with online support and sustainability initiatives.

Custom Leadership Curriculum is a customized competency-based leadership curriculum without the usual customization cost and time investment. It makes the leadership development curriculum easy to design and execute.

The series offers 20 modules to select from, each developing one competency; in a one three-hour duration. Modules are selected based on identified skill gaps, desired organization culture, future capability requirements and emergent business needs. Clients can select one module to develop one skill or as many modules as required to support the desired development outcome. Programs are taught in person with post-program assignments after each module to provide people leaders with opportunity to practice the skill learned in real-world. Leaders are also encouraged to stay in touch with each other in-between sessions and share their learnings utilizing internal communication tools.

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