Full Circle Connections Inc. is a consulting and training firm that helps organizations achieve their desired outcomes through strategic leadership and individual contributor solutions. We work with global organizations across variety of industries specializing in aligning leadership, people and culture. We customize solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs and provide already designed content that is tailored during delivery to ensure practicality and relevance.

Our extensive experience in the corporate sector enables us to develop and deliver workshops that actively support the attainment of organizational business objectives while creating a safe, learner-centric environment conducive to adult learning.

Full Circle Connections Inc. was founded by Dorothy Kudla in 2002.

About Dorothy

Dorothy’s education and background is in Business Marketing. Her work experience spans across a variety of organizations holding positions in revenue, sales and call centre environments. Prior to starting Full Circle Connections Inc. Dorothy headed up the revenue function at Hilton Hotels. The challenges she faced as a leader inspired her to open the business and help others to make sense that surrounds the ambiguity of leadership.

Dorothy’s passion and extensive experience in the corporate sector enables her to develop and deliver workshops that actively support the attainment of organizational business objectives while creating a safe, learner-centric environment conducive to adult learning.
When not working, Dorothy loves to travel, explore different cultures and meet people. She loves to run and hike, completing several marathons and climbing some pretty impressive mountains, including Kilimanjaro.

Dorothy’s Training & Development Philosophy

I believe that the desire to learn and self-define is human nature and that we are at our best when our minds are continuously elevated.

Adults experience a sense of well-being when they learn and when their environment supports and encourages learning. Everyone wants to realize their full potential. Organizations can only be successful through people who are engaged and connected to the overall corporate direction.

When learning, each person makes that connection based on their own needs, experiences, and aspirations. Adults tap into their full potential in a safe, learner-centric environment, conducive to open, honest discussions with relevant real-life examples. My role as the facilitator is to create an environment that is based on adult learning principles, where past experiences are considered in relation to the content taught through reflective activities and sharing of examples and where the learners are confident that their learning performance is not being judged. My desired outcome out of each training session is to inspire individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Some of the clients we work with

.. and what they say about us

Dorothy is awesome. I will continue signing up for her courses.

The Globe and Mail

Dorothy, I would like to thank you for another excellent session! It had an incredible impact on the leaders and the feedback is outstanding.

The Town of Halton Hills

The facilitation was very engaging and made the entire experience both interactive and educational.

Top Hat

I can’t express how much I appreciate being able to relate to your examples and stories.


Build the session toward our needs and base on a survey. I learned more the expected. Love the pace and the materials.


Dorothy was an exceptional instructor. Loved her real-life examples and she kept us all engaged throughout the entire 2 days.


Good morning Dorothy, just wanted to say thanks on behalf of the Market and Customer Development team for the great session your provided yesterday on facilitating. It was great content and we really enjoyed the discussion and how you integrated our actual event into the conversation. The background material you provided is great to have as a reference.


This course was great! It kept me engaged and really helped me think outside of the box for how to deal with my own negotiations.


Dorothy was great. She really tailored her delivery to our group and went above and beyond to answer questions and provide as much information as possible. Very well done.

Giant Tiger

Great to learn about the styles of my co-workers. This will help communication. Format and materials were appropriate for 3hr session. Appreciate the in-depth assessment. This was awesome and great to reflect on myself but also learn about how to better interact with other styles.


I absolutely loved everything about it. I only wish that I had more time with Dorothy. She has so much knowledge and I was soaking it all up. It would have been awesome to extend one more day to allow some one on one time for those that wanted just a little bit more or even to go over some more examples. Overall, the BEST course ever. So enlightening.


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